High-end Healthcare Services


ProHealth Asia Ltd. operates high-end healthcare services within a network of specialist centres. By partnering local medical practitioners and operators, ProHealth Asia ensures the optimum performance of these practices by enhancing local practices with marketing resources and technology support. Our healthcare centres are equipped with the wealth of the local knowledge on hand, consistent specialty training of centre staffs and the investment capitol to grow business operations. Alongside ProHealth’s long standing physical operations, Prohealth invests and acquires well-established healthcare practices in the Asia Pacific region.


At ProHealth healthcare centres, patients are treated as individuals with personalised treatments and the best expert care, every time. After all, everyone is unique and so should your treatment.

~ Mark Cameron, Partner ProHealth Asia



Established in 2000, ProHealth Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Centres have been serving Hong Kong for the past 19 years and being around for some time, we have the experience to support our patients whatever their needs may be.

Sports and Spinal Physio offers a range of personalised therapy treatments on back and neck pain, spinal rehabilitation, occupational and sports physiotherapy, and cover a wide range of conditions from post surgery rehabilitation, office ergonomic consultations and women’s health.

Our experienced physiotherapist team uses a unique blend of knowledge and handling skills to speed up the body’s natural healing processes and prevent further injuries. In addition, the physio team promotes good health by assisting you in a more elaborate treatment plan that prevents further pain and injury and onto a full recovery.

Conveniently located in Central Hong Kong, our modern, well-appointed clinics provide you with a relaxing and private environment to evaluate and assess your symptoms prior to treatment. All clinics are also equipped with gym facilities.

Sports Physiotherapy International (SPI) was established in 1995 by Philippa Stuart and Sheilagh Anderson, both long time partners and well known physiotherapists in the field of sports medicine and endurance sports physiotherapy. Together with their team of experienced physiotherapists, SPI provides global sports physiotherapy services at international sporting events, private therapy to elite teams and well known organisations worldwide.

For the past 21 years, Philippa and Sheilagh have been travelling the world accompanying famous sports personalities, celebrities and sports teams on tours and championship events. SPI clients are primarily elite athletes performing on the world stage in golf, tennis, cricket and rugby. At an international level, SPI works with the WTA, ATP, International Tennis Federation, PGA Tour, European Golf Tour, the Asian Tour, LPGA and the Ladies European tour. In Hong Kong, they work with the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union national squads and the Hong Kong men's cricket team which is in the ICC High Performance Programme.

Since 1999, SPI has also been managing physiotherapy clinical services in China through a joint venture partnership with International SOS, Beijing, the renowned global medicine and medical evacuation provider. Through this partnership, SPI has a flagship clinic in Beijing and smaller satellite clinics situated around China. In Hong Kong, SPI has an integrated clinic with a high performance fitness gym company, Pinnacle Performance, and facilitates their full physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to clients particularly tailor fit to athletes.

After over two decades of experience, SPI has joined the ProHealth Asia group of healthcare specialists to expand their healthcare services.