ProHealth Physiotherapy Academy


Hong Kong

A major part of ProHealth’s Physiotherapy Clinics in India will be a comprehensive training programme for our Sports and Spinal physiotherapists, as well as visiting physiotherapists from around the world. It will enable our staff to deliver a world-class service, modelled on ProHealth’s successful clinics in Hong Kong and the service we provide for elite athletes through SPI ProHealth
The Head of the Academy will be Philippa Stewart, a world renowned Physiotherapist who has worked with international sporting stars for over two decades. The training will be delivered on-site in our clinics as we hold 3 to 5-day training courses 5 times throughout the year, delivered by world class physiotherapists. The goal is to build on the existing knowledge of the physiotherapists to enable them to effectively treat any musculoskeletal condition with the best practice solutions from around the world.
The curriculum of the Academy will centre around 5 core areas - Sports Medicine, Pilates Rehabilitation, Dry Needling & Soft Tissue Technique, Spinal Mobilisation & Manipulation, Patient Management & Customer Service.

Expert knowledge on the rehabilitation of athletes including techniques in advanced training, sports first aid, taping etc. to help athletes perform at the best of their abilities.

Sports Medicine



A series of courses to teach clinical Pilates. The combined deferential diagnosis of a physiotherapist and Pilates exercise rehabilitation are used effectively around the world to treat acute back pain and other chronic conditions.

These hands-on skills are critical in alleviating pain and returning muscle tone to the correct state. At our clinics, patients will receive manual intervention combined with the correct exercise prescription being the most effective combination to make a lasting difference.

Dry Needling
Soft Tissue Techniques


Spinal Mobilisation
& Manipulation

Various conditions require joint mobilisation or manipulation. These are very specialised skills which should be taught precisely by experienced physiotherapists with a post-graduate Masters in Spinal Manipulation.

To deliver this effectively physiotherapists are taught how to manage patients by communicating effectively, diagnosing accurately and delivering a recommended action plan. This gives the patients a clear path to a fully functional pain free recovery.

Patient Management
Customer Service



Training specialised therapists to solve women's problems with their bodies, to help them stay healthy and improve their quality of life. Training will cover areas related to Obstetrics (pregnancy) such as back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica or carpal tunnel syndrome, bladder/ bowel/ pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse or sexual dysfunction, as well as Gynaecology and Post-Natal care.