Physiotherapy For Employee Engagement

Why Workplace Wellness?

Workplace wellness programs positively impact employees' wellbeing, improve productivity metrics, and reduce worker-related medical expenses.

• Absenteeism reduced by 37% with workplace wellness programmes

• Employees are 18% more productive when working in an ergonomic setting

• Higher employee productivity & performance reported by 84% of employers with wellness programmes

• The average return on investment for employee wellness programmes is six-to-one

• Savings of 25% on worker healthcare & medical compensation costs

• Over 77% of employees think wellness programmes are excellent for a company’s culture

Why Physiotherapy?

As a licensed medical profession, physiotherapy is the leading scientific and evidence-based approach to physical wellbeing and movement improvement.

• Job-related physical discomfort is routinely experience by 50% of office workers

• Over 50% of computer users experience Repetitive Strain Injury symptoms

• Musculoskeletal problems affecting the back, neck, shoulders & wrists affect 67% of frequent computer users

• Effective office ergonomics interventions can reduce musculoskeletal problems by 61%

• Every year, 50% of people aged 18+ develop a musculoskeletal injury lasting more than 3 months

• Of those looking for drug-free pain relief, 41% found physiotherapy to be the most effective treatment

Ergonomic Consultation

Our Physiotherapists specialised in Ergonomics can provide personalised 1-on-1 assessment & recommendation for each of your employees’ workstations to optimise their daily comfort & reduce risk of injury.

• Optimised workstation set-ups improve employees’ wellbeing on a daily basis & over the long term

• Results in greater employee productivity & boosts the team’s morale

• Can significantly reduce company costs associated with worker fatigue, burnout, and medical absences

• Provides an extra incentive for your team to work from the office

Onsite Physiotherapy

We bring physiotherapy to the comfort and convenience of your office with one-on-one assessment & treatment sessions for any employee experiencing physical discomfort.

• This is the most effective and hands-on solution to improve your team’s physical wellbeing

• We set up a treatment area with our own equipment in your office so your employees do not need to travel

• Can be provided at each employee’s individual time convenience by scheduling sessions beforehand

• Provides an extra incentive for your team to work from the office

Pain Management Workshops

Educational group sessions with our experts provide an opportunity for your employees to get qualified advice on various topics on improving physical wellbeing at work and in life.

• Conducted in a group setting, this is a more traditional choice for an employee engagement activity

• Provides an opportunity for employees to get reliable healthcare advice from a competent source

• During interactive workshops, attendees engage in therapeutic exercises led by our physiotherapists

• Fosters a team building spirit as each employee can share their personal physical challenges during session

About Us

We are an international healthcare group established in 2000 with a network of 9 physiotherapy clinics across Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, and India.